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Hi Friends,

This will not be a long post, but just an update on what I have been upto.

My blog is now ready and LIVE online. However, there is no optin form as yet and there is a reason for that.

Behind the scenes, I have been writing emails sequences on Notepad, currently I am upto email #35. I do not rush when writing. As these emails are for my main blog site.

These emails are based on and around; Affiliate Marketing, List Building, Email Marketing, Direct Mail along along hints, tips and resources.

Since we are on Lockdown (at the time of writing 08/04/20) The only time I am going out is shopping for Bread, Milk and bits and bob.

My children spend their time doing their homework.  However after 6pm, we all spend time together.

People are calling this Quarantine Time… WTF… I call it QUALITY TIME as I know we are on lockdown mode, but these time where you can really spend time with loved one in your home will never come back so make the most of it.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I was on a LIVE coaching call (webinar) with my friend and mentor, Dean. What is so funny about Dean, he says the call will last an hour, but always goes above the hours. bless him. From my point of view this shows his passion on what he is teaching. There has not been a time where no “nuggets” are shared. There are lots of hints and tips on every live call.

I love our family

Oh yes, if you do use aweber as an Autoresponder within your business (you must be using Aweber if you serious about your business) I have been uploading my emails which I wrote on notepad, and just learnt that if you use the feature “Drag & Drop” you can change the size (width) add images etc… But the most important part is, you can this as a template for that list.

So what does this mean?

If you have a list about Dogs Training (example)

You may have your list email with a Dog header. Once you save that as template, all emails within that list name, will have a dog header every time you create a new add on email.

Maybe you knew this, I don’t know but I never knew this and only just found out.

So this is what I have upto. Nothing interesting to some people, but I am documenting my journey from time to time and will try and doing an update once a week.


Feel Free To Share

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