Revealed… The Secret of Profiting With Emails Just Like The Big Gurus. Now You Can Copy What They Do...

"Discover How To List Build And Make Money Everytime You Send An Email"

All It Takes is One Simple List!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

Dear Friend,

What you about to discover is so powerful. This is like the secret weapon to online success. All the big gurus use and implement this exact system which you are about to discover!

If you are really serious about creating a juicy healthy income stream online, building your own email list of customer so you can make money everytime you send an email, if this sounds interesting to you, carry on reading...

I am sure you have read or even seen all the other online gurus sharing their income photo or a PayPal screenshot online. You may have wondered "How"

The "How" is going to be shown here right before your eyes.

You see my friend and mentor, Robert (from UK) has over the years sent over 1,000 emails and has generated over 10,000 orders pricing between £37.00 - £997

Everytime he sends out a email to his list, he easily generates between 20 - 40 daily orders. Not bad huh? Oh yeah, it take him around 30 minutes to write the email.

This all means that Robert makes around £1,000 on a good day and £400 on a bad day from EVERY email he sends out … multiply that by 5 and you have an idea of the income this form of marketing can bring your every week. 

Robert has subscribers contacting him everyday thanking him (totally unheard of in Guru land) for his email messages, and telling him how much they look forward to receiving them.

Robert's unsubscribe rate is VERY low (especially for the IM niche) and he very rarely get any ‘spam’ complaints.

Further more, he has build up such a loyal following that Robert can generate orders VERY easily … in fact many of his subscribers buy just on his recommendation without needing to be persuaded. How cool is that!



And the good news is … Robert can teach you his foolproof e-marketing formula, so that you can apply what he does to make £1,000's per week ... EVEN without a huge list.

Robert has created an advanced email marketing training program featuring a mixture of hard core email marketing teaching and instruction, plus he will psychoanalyse emails (mine, subscribers, other emails I see, etc). So you'll see what's worked and what didn't work.

You can then apply what Robert does to your email marketing.

And more importantly it’ll put money in your bank account. 

And if you follow Robert's instructions, then you should be putting money into your bank account every time you send out an email … even if you have a small list. 

The training program is an (advanced) email marketing course that teaches you my VERY successful strategy - step-by-step, and is split into 10 info-busting lessons (No padding or B.S.) so that you are not over-loaded with everything at once.

It's all delivered via email (one email "lesson" at a time, twice weekly) for 5 or so weeks in PDF format.

Some of what you’ll learn includes: 

  • The first thing you must tell your subscribers after they opt into your list. (If you DON’T do this then your subscribers will start to complain straight away and unsubscribe. If you do it right then your subscribers will trust you and order your products) 
  • The ‘MEGASTAR’ email marketing method of writing emails that read like a story… but are in fact pure selling. (This is one of the MOST potent emails to write, and it’s eagerly read by your subscribers whenever you send them out.)
  • How to promote your products in every email you send without coming across like some desperate Guru. (In fact doing it Rob's way and your readers will actually enjoy clicking on your product links.) 
  • 8 different subject lines that are almost impossible for the recipient to ignore. (Considered as the most important part of an email, you’ll learn how to write email subject lines that’ll make you stand out in the inbox, never get considered as spam, and ensure you are NOT mistaken for a Guru trying to pitch something all the time.) 
  • How often should you send an email. (This could be daily, twice weekly, weekly or monthly. You’ll learn which one suits your market best.) 
  • Why ‘getting down with the kids’ in street slang generates more sales. (Forget writing a perfectly crafted, pleasant, grammar-correct email, you’ll actually get a MUCH better response when adding a few ‘slang’ words or expression into your message.)
  • Which of Rob's email messages generated the BIGGEST sales. (This alone is worth the price of the training program. Rob will reveal his best performing email messages … the ones that generated THOUSANDS from one message. Rob will dissect each email – line by line – explaining why each one worked so well.)  
  • The easiest way to write an email message. (Rob don’t use any ‘tricks’ or ‘black hat’ methods – just a simply strategy for writing emails that your readers love to receive.) 
  • How to use ‘weird’ and ‘wacky’ events within your email that’ll make you stand out from all those Guru messages. (Rob has written about being ‘chatted up’ at a wedding, threaten by a ‘mad’ dog owner, his wife’s knickers, his Mother-in-Laws OCD … totally different to what most people get in their in box.)  
  • The ‘proven’ reason why giving ‘free’ information away within emails DOESN’T work anymore. (In fact these emails are now usually deleted on mass. Learn how not to get your message deleted before it’s opened.) 
  • Why you should NEVER use the words: “Click Here” within your messages. (Do this and not only will the spam filters destroy your message, but readers do the opposite. Learn what I use instead.) 
  • How to write an email within 20 minutes … even if you hate writing. (There’s a simple method to writing emails that takes no effort, no preparation and no research. You’ll be zapping them out like no bodies business.)  
  • How using music titles increases the open rate of your emails. (Rob has been doing this for ages, recently he used the email heading: “My Daddy Wasn’t A Bank Robber” a play on the Clash hit “My Daddy Was A Bank Robber” and turned out to be one of my most profitable messages.)
  • Why ‘turning off’ some of your subscribers actually increases your orders. (Again, it’s something you’ll not learn anywhere else, but it actually is good to ‘turn off' parts of your list.) 
  • How to use ‘hate’ email messages to build loyalty from your subscribers. (Rather than ignore or get upset from ‘hate’ email messages, use them within your messages and you’ll find your loyal subscribers will ‘fight your corner’ and back you all the way.) 
  • Sprinkling your messages with ‘bad spelling’ mistakes and bad grammar ONLY annoys the ‘Spelling Police’ (who would never order from you anyway) … but actually increases orders. (Strange but true … most people slip up with their spelling now and again, and doing so within your messages actually brings you ‘closer’ to your readers.) 
  • Rob's VERY best ‘openings’ and ‘closings’ for you to use within your messages. (He will share with you the best methods to open an email and to close an email.) 
  • A two week plan on exactly what type of email messages to write. (You don’t want to be writing humorous emails every day, or bizarre ones, you want to mix them up a little so as not to bore your readers. I share with you a mixture of email message ‘types’ to write on different days of the week.)  

And loads more including… 

How to use Guru messages within your emails to boost sales … How many links should you include within a message … How to run a sale within your emails … How to build sub lists … How to do a ‘MEGA' successful product launch.

Now I like to over deliver... So I am going to include a very special video training course just for you.

The Simple List Building Blueprint Home Study Video Course


In the mind blowing video training bonus, you will learn the exact blueprint for building a enormus list of hungry buyers and the exact strategies to generating massive profit, cash on demand!

Imagine you had the opportunity sit down with an list building / email marketer expert and he was willing to share you everything and you get the opportunity to look over his shoulder on exactly what he does etc... THIS IS IT

This is a in detail video training. Let's take a look on what you will learn:

Video #1: Introduction To List Building

Here are just a few of the secrets and techniques you'll get from this high content session:

  • Warning Simplicity Prevails

  • This session will focus on why you should build their list in the first place.  Learn  the basic methods that are being used for list building and the different types of lists out there like a free list or a buyer's list. Also will go over what is to come in the course. This first video will really stress the importance of building and will encourage you to focus your attention on building that list.

  • Of course you have a great offer but most of the time nobody ever finds out.  Finally know how to go about creating that free give away offer that will be compelling enough to get your visitors to give up the contact information.  Miss this and that offer will just set their and you will be left scratching your head wondering what went wrong.

  • How to correctly use a lead capture page to grab more opt-ins than you ever thought possible. Do this the wrong way and you end up leaving a lot of leads ... I mean, money on the table...

Video #2: Setup for Profitable List Building

  • This video will detail all the things that need to be in place so you can build your list effectively. We will walk you through the list of software you need, the ethical bribe for a free giveaway, the structure of your squeeze page, etc.

  • This video will go into  detail as to what you need to create to giveaway product that will have people stumbling over themselves to give you their name and email just to get their hands on your ethical bribe. We will address PER, creating audio interviews, creating your own content such as an e-newsletter.

  • How to use the "give to get" marketing principle to grow your list faster than you ever thought possible. Once you get a hold of this concept it can literally revolutionize your business.

Video #3: How To Setup A Squeeze Page Including The Download Page And download page monetization

  • This video will be an on screen tutorial showing someone how to actually setup a squeeze page using both Aweber and GetResponse.

  • Know and understand the tech details to setting up a brand new list within Aweber and GetResponse.

  • Learn how to setup your download page and the delivery of your  free irresistible offer.

  • When you walk away from this session the only question one can ask you is, "When are you going to get going and build that list?"

Video #4: Adding A Special Offer - Gaining Maximum Profits From Your List Building Efforts

  • In this session of the course we will talk about the special offer. This session is broken down into two parts.  In the first session we will explain all about the special offer and how to use it to monetize your list building efforts immediately after someone opts in to receive your free offer.

  • Part 2 in this session is an onscreen tutorial showing how to setup the special offer so it flows smoothly. This will even include how to add a PayPal buy now button and a 2Checkout payment link to your special offer sales page.

  • How to use your list to produce maximum profits – building a good list is only half the battle, now you have to entice members of your list to buy … find out how here.

  • You have the traffic now it is time to learn how to effectively take advantage of that traffic over and over again by using the simple, but highly effective special offer technique to automate a powerful income stream generator.

Video #5: Master Follow Up Fortunes

  • How to setup an effective follow up sequence so that you can build up good will with your list, but also ensure more profits in the long run. You will understand just how to make the backend and follow ups do most of the marketing for you so that you can just focus on growing your lists.

  • What one thing you can do to grab the attention of your readers and keep them on your sites instead of heading to the competitions.  Just this strategy alone can get you more sales and more traffic without spending a single dime.

  • Learn an amazing technique to consistently add a never ending stream of hot prospects to your email list on a daily basis. There is a specific set of steps you must take to do this...

  • How to legally spy on your competition to find out exactly what is working today in email follow up messages.  Internet marketing is changing constantly and with the techniques you can discover you'll find yourself on top of what works now...

Video #6: Grow Your List Method 1: Ad Swaps & Solo Ads

  • We will go over these two highly effective list building strategies and systems in detail including how to make this work for any niche market!

  • Your about to really learn how to take advantage of the relationship a marketer has with their list that already knows, likes, and trusts them to get some incredible targeted optins for your list building.

  • Know how you can take advantage of these incredibly powerful forms of list building. Most people never really understand all of the variables that go into using these techniques properly for maximum results. You now have this information right here at your fingertips and will soon know how amazing the results really can be.

Video #7: Grow Your List Method 2: Giveaway Events


  • When you leave this session you are going to know exactly how to include your product in giveaway events that have the potential to grow you a massive list quick!

  • How to find giveaways, how to position your product for best results, and how to link it to your squeeze page. We will even discuss the benefits of hosting your very own giveaway event!  Time to harness the real power of a giveaway event.

  • Your about to discover how you can really avoid the difficulty compiling a large list because of a lack of traffic. Learn how you can piggyback on the traffic that is generated by other marketers in order to build your list in a short period of time by using the power of the Giveaway event.

Video #8: Grow Your List Method 3: JV Product Launches

  • How to turn your fiercest competition into your best partners and add a few extra thousands of subscribers to your mailing list.

  • Walk away knowing THE undoubtedly FASTEST way to grow a massive buyers mailing list know to the big players in the market.  You need to be doing this and doing it well.

  • Uncover the secrets to massive product launches and mini product launches so you can grow a massive buyers list.

  • Avoid the product launch let down by improperly executed product launches that most beginners face.

  • Building your list by creating and launching your own product can be one of the most rewarding things that you can do when you can manage to do it correctly. Learn from a couple of Pros that have been there and done that.

Video #9: Grow Your List Method 4: Online Forums

  • Forums are not just a place to gripe and complain about the latest successful product launch, you actually can generate a massive buyers list just by using a couple sweet tactics that not many other marketers are using.

  • Learn how to go into an online forum and deliver value to the forum members and then quietly build your list through leaving behind your signature link.

  • Avoid devastation. With this training you will know how to become the expert in your Niche and build you list without getting yourself kicked out.  Many people go about this all wrong and then are devastated when they are notified they no longer can access the forum because of violating the rules.

Video #10: Grow Your List Method 5: Blogging

  • This is one session we can't leave out.  Everyone is blogging but very few successfully know how to build a nice targeted list through their efforts. 

  • In this session we will address blogging strategies and SEO methods to ensure that your blog gets more traffic so more list building can take place.

  • We will be getting technical as we let you look over our shoulder once again and learn how to setup a web form onto Wordpress to collect your important name and emails from your visitors.. You will also discover the methods we lay out to help you get more eyeballs and people signing up to your list from your blog.

Video #11: Grow Your List Method 6: Exit Pop Up Strategy

  • Learn the software needed to create effective pop ups to be used on blogs, basic websites, or on sales pages to capture those that have landed on your page and try to get away without buying. 

    Stop working so hard to get the traffic to your site just to see them leave and maybe never return.    It is time that you stop working so hard to get the traffic and start working on monetizing the traffic you already have.

  • Will share the basics of the exit pop method, and show how to integrate two lost options here.

Video #12: Grow Your List Method 7: Articles & Videos

  • Take basic article and video strategies and  build your list on autopilot after the initial work is completed!

  • The Secrets Of Article Marketing and Video Marketing are hardly esoteric, in fact they are obvious that one must read between the lines just to filter out all the garbage. Let us do all the sorting through the garbage out there and show you exactly what is in between all of the lines.

  • complete formula to article writing For Ezine articles & other article directories, and creating and submitting videos to top sites like YouTube to keep those leads coming in long term. Never Wonder How To Do Again!

  • Learn how the use of Web video and article submissions can be used to quickly establish your much needed authority and expert status in the marketing community. These 2 techniques will allow you to intelligently and easily answer the questions that are on your prospects’ minds. You have instant credibility with web video and written articles.

Video #13: Grow Your List Method 8: Viral Reports

  • How to turn a slow-selling eBook or any other information product into a virtual money tree using this one simple technique.

  • Why do all of the work yourself when you can have other people doing some of the leg work for you.  Learn how to create viral mini reports that are monetized and that can send a flood of traffic back to your squeeze pages.

  • Discover How Shockingly Easy Short Viral Reports Will generate good targeted leads that start generating you cash almost instantly. Put this method to work and watch it go viral.

  • How to steal paying customers with viral reports... and have the list owner thanking you for it

Video #14: Grow Your List Method 9: Safe List

  • Avoid the worst and most common safe list marketing mistakes.
    The plain and simple fact is that "normal" safe list marketing doesn't work. I'll show you exactly why it doesn't work, and what you should do to make sure you see fantastic results when marketing with safe lists.

  • Many people consider this strategy not effective, but if you do it correctly you can build up your list quickly!  Learn how you can effectively use safe lists to get more leads, make more sales, and earn more profit!

  • Make safe lists work for you.  There is a lot to marketing effectively with safe lists and most marketers don't understand everything involved. You, however, will have a complete picture from start to finish of what it takes to be a successful safe list marketer.

Video #15: How To Do A Broadcast Promotion To Your List

  • Now that you have a list it would be nice to profit from it even more, so learn how to setup broadcast messages that go out when you want them to or when you have something to promote.

  • You will walk away knowing how to send your newsletters, promotional sales offers, date- and time-specific mailings, with just a couple little clicks of your mouse just to keep in contact with your lists. This affordable messaging brings your blast email message face to face with the world.

  • Sending emails manually would become impossible as your list grows.  You can send out to your entire list in just a matter of minutes.  Guaranteed to increase your bottom line when done correctly.

Video #16: Getting Your Emails Read

  • The tried and true methods for getting your emails read and opened. This is essential for anyone that wants to build a full time income from their list efforts.

  • How to legally spy on your competition to find out exactly what is working today in email marketing.  Internet marketing is changing constantly and with this technique you'll find yourself on top of what works now...

  • What if every email you sent to your list was read thoroughly by the majority of your readers?  Do you think that is powerful?  You bet it is and it could get you more sales that you can dream of...

  • How to build a hugely responsive list by doing email marketing "the right way".  Doing it the wrong way could cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales and probably already has. 

Video #17: Rinse & Repeat

  • Once you have the systems down it is time to make sure things really get taking off.  Time for the old rinse and repeat.

This video training series is exactly what ANYBODY should use to make money online. Whether you are a newbie or not, this video course will be the answer to all those people who want a real step by step list building method.

For anyone sitting on the fence who wants to build a real online business, with a list to match, but don’t know where to start, start here …

I am also going to throw in couple of squeeze page templates and a download template which you are free to use.


Who Should Get The Simple List Building Blueprint Video Home Study Course?


  • YOU .. If you're new to Internet marketing and want to get off to a blazing start. There's no quicker and easier way to get into profit fast than list building and learning how to market to your subscribers.

  • YOU ... If you already have a big list and want to learn how to maximize the profit that you're presently mining from that list. You're bound to pick up a few invaluable pointers that you never knew before.

  • YOU ,,, If you want a fast and simple way to learn about email list building from a couple masters that are actually in the trenches and doing the things that they are teaching you about. This is no lame theory but solid step-by-step practical techniques you can use immediately.

  • YOU .. If you want to learn the same secrets shared in courses and seminars worth over a thousand dollars ... for pennies on the dollar.

If you think that you already know all their is to know about profiting from an opt in list then please simply refer this page to someone who needs it...but if you realize that you can always learn new secrets and techniques that could double, triple, or even quadruple your sales...this package is for you!

The bottom line is that you don't need technical skills ... marketing experience ... a ton of money ... name recognition ... not even a full time effort ... a huge list or even any list at all ... to benefit from this package.

What you do need is a willingness to learn and willingness to accept that there are tons of secrets out there that no one has shared with you about email marketing...


How Much Will This Course Cost Me?


Firstly you need to change your mindset beacuse it is not a cost. You are INVESTING in your future, you are investing in your business also you are making an investment to secure your families future.

Well, I could quite easily charge £297.00 for the training program (and it'll be worth it) especially as you are being shown exactly what to do.

Let's recap exactly what you are getting:

10 x PDF Training. Email Marketing Secrets

17 Video Training. List Building Secrets (This video training is over 10 hours)

You will have instant access to both training straight away.

Please note, both trainings are sent via email. Twice a week.

I can send you send everything in one go but there is a very chance that you would not take action. So in my best interest to help you succeed, I have decided to email your training over to you twice a week. So you can stay focused  and implement and take action.

 But, I know things are tight at the moment with the economy and whatnot ... and I genuingly what to teach as many people as I can ...

So, I'm only going to ask to invest £77.00 one time investment.

This price is a total bargain when you break it down!

Lets look at it three ways...

10 x PDF training = £7.70 per lesson!  And count the video training as a bonus


17 x Video Training = £4.52 per video! And count the Email Marketing Training as a bonus


Break it all down to: 17 +10 = 27 (£77 / 27 = £2.85 per training)

 Remember, the training program it’s divided into 10 info-busting lessons and 17 video training which is over 10 hours long ( works out to be a total of £2.85 per training)


For a very short time you will receieve everything mentioned for only £37.00

SAVE £40.00

This special offer will be taken down at anytime!

Click here to see the orginal offer page and price of £77.00


The price is not a monthly cost.


You’ll receive TWO lessons per week in your email in box. 

I am sure you may have bought stuff online in the past, and once you buy, you are welcomed with upsells after upsells. Don't that piss you off?

In the past, I bought a product and was kindly greeted with 9 upsells!!!

There you have it. Now if you are serious about your online success. This is what all the top gurus do. And now you have the chance to do the same.

 And to give you 100% piece of mind .... it comes with a: Full 14 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with for any reason, I will refund you your money.

Just one more thing...

This training course is not for everyone.

Especially if are not prepared to put some effort in… or those who buy every ebook on the market and then complain of information overload … or if you are timid, faint-hearted and are scared to ruffle a few feathers.

 But I'm sure you are smarter than that and just want to get down to business for earning £200 - £700 per week.

There’s a HUGE amount of money to be made from email marketing, it’s fun, exciting and once you know the methods, is VERY easy to do.  

So it’s time for you to choose if you ‘want in’ or not. 

For those that want to make serious money from email marketing click below.

And I'll then see you on the other side.

To your success

Chigs B. Gohel
UK Based Information Publisher & Affiliate Marketer

P.S. Robert will show you EXACTLY how to generate cash from EVERY email message you send to your list. If you send a daily message to your list, then you could be looking at a weekly income excess of £1,000.

P.P.S Enroll RIGHT NOW and you'll have Lesson 1 in your inbox within 5 - 15 minutes. Read it through from cover to cover, apply all the methods to your email and you should have earned back the cost of this training from your 1ST message. 



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