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So, Saturday was morning was spent helping my daughter set up her very first blog.

How did this journey or idea start in the first place?

Well, now we go back to February 2020, when I went to London to meet my online mentor and friend, Dean. I spent two days with him along with 49 other business partners.

He mentioned about documenting your journey in the online world. So having a blog is vital. Even if you did nothing for the week, update your blog. Any successes and failures, blog about it. There is no need to be ashamed about it.

I created my blog and to be honest, I have not been updating it weekly as I should, which is my fault.

Anyways, last week, we were all talking about school life, the journey etc… Then it hit me, I told the kids “why don’t you document your school life?”

And this idea got both of my kids excited….

My son’s blog is not set up as yet. As he has other plans which is yet to be revealed.

Yesterday (17/10/20) The morning was spent installing WordPress on my daughter’s domain (we got her name which is really cool) and we both spent setting up her blog. I chose the theme, which is called “GeneratePress” this theme is really awersome, I highly recommend this.

Ria, then chose the colours, she went for a pinky feel. Then she created a simple logo.

Here is an screenshot of her blog homepage.

It is nothing fancy, however it looks so clean and nice to read.

Ria, is so excited to be online with her first blog. And I am so proud of her as she has taken this step.

I would be really grateful if you go to her blog and leave a comment. That would really boost her confidence to create more great content.

As for me, I am working, making notes through my training program with Dean. I will be creating a short video training video, on how to create a squeeze page and how to connect your squeeze page to an auto-responder so you can build your email list. If you don’t know what I am talking about, not to worry, just wait for the video as everything will be explained.

Thanks for reading.


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