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Hello and welcome to my very first blog post.

Here is a little about me… I am an Affiliate Marketer and Information Publisher from Leicester, UK. I am happily married with two beautiful children (boy and a girl) My family is my world 🙂

So what is this blog all about then you may be asking?

Well… First of all, I am no online guru with millions in the bank, nor do I drive a Bentley etc… I am a normal humble person who is enjoying Affiliate Marketing and Information Publishing online and offline. My aim is share my journey with you.

What do I mean by “my journey?”

Hang on… I’m getting there (by the way, I am a two finger typer, so not the fastest typer in the world)

Within this blog site, I will be sharing with you all about Affiliate Marketing, Information Publishing, What tools to use for your business, Motivation, and in general about me, even when I have not done a lot for any reason, I will be sharing this too.

So my site will be nothing to flashy, just simple done to earth contents for you to read.

How about this for a first post huh 😉


Feel Free To Share

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  1. Fantastic Chigs! Funny, informative, to the point! Very impressed, look forward to following your journey!


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