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WOW, what a weekend it was! Hang on a minute you must be thinking… I shall start again!

On Feburary 15th and 16th 2020, we had a private two day semiar with Internet Profits who I am a Certified Partner with.

My good friend and mentor Dean Holland, held a very special two day event marking his 11th year anniversary, the he quit and walked out of his day job.

This event was content packed with two special speakers, both are my friends, Simon Stanley and Glenn Sheperd (known as “The Wizard”) as he known his stuff on WordPress inside out!

I was one of the lucky 50 people to be at the Radission Blu Hotel, Bath Road, Heathrow, London.

This was my very first event I have ever been to and it won’t be my last either.

I Have Found A Home And New Family

Dean, has to be the master of OVER DELIVER in content, everything his shared with us over the two days was simply out of this world. There was NO BULLSHIT at all and no sells pitch at the end, like other semiars you go too, where they sell you a course etc…

I have known Dean for a number of years and finally chose Dean as my mentor in last 2017 and I have not looked back at all.

I am more than happy to say that ” I have found my home along with a new family”

One of the guest speaker Simon also a partner, gave an eye opening presentation about how our mindset works. What to do to create your life journey journal. How to stay focused. And much more.

Simon has this energy which it is really magnetic, he is a down to earth bloke, who I have alot of respect for.

You see, when you operating an online business, does not matter weather it is full time, part time or on weekends, there are alot of distractions which come in the way. LOT OF SHIT.

By the word shit, I mean “biz opps”, “Shiny objects” get rich quick crap.

This is why many people who enter the world of Affiliate Marketing fail, as they keep chasing “the best thing”

You have to learn to stay focused.

Glenn, totally simple and humble guy gave a presentation on how to use PLR within our business. Now I have been using PLR products to resell for number of years, but what Glenn shared, was “pure nugget” I never looked at PLR in the way he explained. He shared things like, how to brand a PLR product, how to use a PLR for ideas, best way to give away product to list build and in what format etc… And so much more.

When you have Dean, Simon and Glenn, you really are in safe hands.

I remember walking into the hotel reception and saw Dean, I walked up to him, we shook hands and gave each other a hug. Dean even asked about my wife not coming, and mentioned, let’s take selfie for her.

Here is the photo we took on my Samsung smartphone. Nice photo eh!

We spoke for abit then, then we parted ways to meet others.

Now the beauty is that when you surrounded by people who are on the same mission, goals, whatever you want to call, you naturally click with the people.

There were people from UK, France, Spain, USA and one man travelled all the way from Australia, can you believe that. He spent more time travelling than being at the two day event. This is how much respect and love we have for our friend and ment Dean.

Dean gave an outstanding presentation both days. He spoke about being:

  • Open and honest
  • Stop hiding
  • The F.P.A method ( Focus Plan Action)
  • How distraction is the main problem
  • How not to care what people think
  • Tools to use within your business (free ones and paid ones)
  • Your goals for starting a business
  • The future of Internet Profits
  • And much more…

All the above was in great details. Dean even shared his personal story of what he went through in life, what he did, what he failed at. Which I am not going to write here.

I have been an Affiliate Marketer for 2 years, and I am not ashamed to admit, that I did lose focus, due to the shiny objects that come in the way. But after spending the weekend with Dean and the family, my focus is now very clear. I know what I am doing, I know how I am going to doing. And I would be very grateful if you would follow me on this journey.

Here is another photo we took, on the Sunday just before we parted ways. And this is the EXACT spot where Dean took his photo with his mentor 11 years ago.

Dean has wrote a book called “The Iceberg Effect”
Here are some parts of whats inside the book:

  • “3 Men & The Great Theft!” – The shocking incident that closed my first business [page 7]
  • “The Success Stopping Mistake” …Most struggling affiliates make this big error starting out… What about you? [page 10]
  • “The 6 Words That Changed My Life” – Discover how 6 simple words took me from near-bankrupt to quitting my day job just 9 months later… Learn what they are and why they worked [page 16]
  • ​”G____ vs F____” – Which Are You And Why It Matters” – Get this wrong and it could mean years of failure! [page 22]
  • “The ONE THING Others Daren’t Tell You” – There’s something you need to know about (that you’re doing right now!) that others fear speaking about… Yet without it most people never realize their goals [page 38]
  • ​”The ‘Multi-Q’ Process” – If you’re wanting to make a full time living online as an affiliate marketer here’s a process you must go through before you even touch a keyboard [page 41]
  • ​”The Revenue Calculator” – Use this highly effective exercise to create your personalised business blueprint and know EXACTLY what you need to do online [page 54]
  • “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” – I can’t say any more on this page… Do NOT skip this step!!!!! [page 59]
  • ​​”The 4 Core Areas Of Focus” – If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, like there’s so much to learn and too much to do… STOP! It’s time to make succeeding much simpler! There’s just FOUR (yes, 4!) things you must focus on doing each day to grow your business profitably online [page 65]

If you are looking at starting out in Affiliate Marketing or you are interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing, you need to read this book. Forget all the bullshit you have seen in the past. Without naming any companies, I know know and you will know this too, that in the past 5 years, there has been many companies come and go, as they have been shut down by the FTC.

This is not some shitty ebook. This is an actual book which will be shipped to your home address globally. Plus you will receieve loads of bonuses as well. Just CLICK HERE to see what you get when you order your book.

Oh yes the book is free, you only cover the shipping. Now if you are offended by paying for shipping, then don’t order. Not gonna say sorry to offend you, but needs to be told, as there are many people who just moan.

Here is the ph0to of the book.


I hope you follow my journey as I will be sharing what I have learnt and what I am learning which I will be sharing via my blog.

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4 thoughts on “Internet Profits Weekend”

  1. Absolutely brilliant Chigs! I´m blown away by the writing style and detail here, I´d forgotten some of the things that were taught at the weekend but you have laid this out so well and in a way that will definitely get people´s attention. Bloody well done Chigs! 😀

    • Hey Melanie, it was an awesome weekend. A weekend to remember. Can’t wait for the next one. I have no writing style. I write how I speak. I can be abit blunt and very direct. ????

  2. Hi Chigs, sounds like a good event…. but i find events are good for the time you are there and then the feeling dies very quickly…. is that the same for you or is there so secret to keeping the ‘buzz’ alive?

    • Hey Tony, thanks for your kind comment. Yes you are right the ‘buzz’ can fade away in time that’s why I have a vision board which is in picture form on my wall and in writjng too, both which I look at and read on a daily basis to keep me motivated


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