How To Get Out From Your Comfort Zone

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So, you want all the great and the best things in life? Well, don’t we all want that!

We can all dream about it huh? How do we create our dreams into reality?

The truth is that for many people this will always remain a dream, and for every people, their dream will become a reality.

So, why does this happen? Only a handful achieving great things in life and of course, living life on their terms.

I have said this many times, it’s down to what you focus on, most of the time. And to be honest, many people are just plain lazy to change their life! Not sorry to say, but it is the truth!

You have to shift your thinking to positive. You have to start loving yourself. You have to start appreciating basic stuff. You have to start respecting everyone. You have to start imagining you are a success.

Sounds crazy right. Yes, but the bottom line is, it’s up to you.

How do you spend or invest your spare time? Do you simply watch TV? Or do you invest that in learning and growing?

To achieve great things in life, we all have to do things that we feel uncomfortable with.

This is your life and you are the master of your destiny.

You have to get out of your comfort zone and do what is uncomfortable.

Here is a very video by Steve Harvey, I found on YouTube. Watch it, it’s only a couple of minutes but the message is POWERFUL!

Very powerful video and the message is straight to the point.

Only you can change your life. And if you are ready for that change not only will you benefit but so will your loved one.

My good friend and mentor, from the UK, was in debt of over £60,000 through credit cards, this was only 11 or 12 years ago, he was so broke that when he was invited to attend a seminar in London, he had to borrow a jacket. Fast forward to 2020, I had the chance to meet Dean in London, just before Lockdown. Here is an image we took.

Can you imagine being in debt of over £60,000 through credit cards, most people would simply get a job and stay there, and before you know it, 10, 20, 30 years have flown by.

If you are open-minded you are seriously looking at changing your life for the better, then I highly recommend you click here and check this book out which is written by Dean, himself.


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  1. Thanks Chigs,
    It is true if you are prepared to get out of your comfort zone, and work you will succeed.


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