How To Disable Facebook News Feed on Your Laptop

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Are you like me, who gets distracted by Facebook when you are on your laptop/computer?

Here is what I tend to do or shall I say what happens, and I am sure you can relate to me.

So, I start out by knowing exactly why I am on my laptop and what I want to achieve. I would be working away doing my thing on my laptop, then after 30 – 45 minutes, I may take a very short break. This is where I would go on Facebook “just for a quick check”

I would scroll down my news feed, scroll down, read a few posts, scroll down, and down and down, etc… The next minute I know is that I have just wasted nearly 30 minutes on Facebook, doing what? Nothing but scrolling.

What I aimed out to achieve has been sidetracked because I was too busy scrolling on Facebook.

Have you done this? I would love to hear more, please do comment below.

Only today at the time of writing, I was watching a 30-minute video interview from a successful Affiliate Marketer, and he mentioned within his interview that he has his Facebook newsfeed deleted.

I’d had to watch that bit again… This is a golden nugget for me!

He mentioned that he deleted his newsfeed so he can have total focus on his business, which makes perfect sense to me. He mentions that it’s a google chrome extension called  “Kill News Feed” and it activates straight away, so I search for it added to my chrome extension and it works.

Below is a very short video I recorded.

If you are like me where you get distracted by Facebook, I highly recommend checking out this google extension called “Kill News Feed”

There is nothing to pay for and is totally free.


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2 thoughts on “How To Disable Facebook News Feed on Your Laptop”

  1. Amazing work Chigs! I shall be trying this. Facebook can be so distracting with all the notifications. Wondering if this I can do this to my mobile too. I’m willing to try anything to shut down the noise and get focussed!

  2. Hey Shannon, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, this is only for the desktop version of Facebook. I know it’s a shame, another way to cut down the noise on FB is to unfollow groups, pages, and people!



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