How To Create A Vision Board

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If you think that creating a vision board doesn’t work, think again!

How to create a vision board to most people may sound a bit silly, but in fact, creating a vision board helps you attract what you want in life and in business.

It is not simply a write down what you want and it appears. No, it does not work like that at all!

I want to share with you what and how to create a vision board and how I create mine, which may give you ideas on how you can create your vision board.

Everything starts with a dream!

This goes back to when we were kids. Yes, we are going back in time.

You see when we were kids we had this wild imagination that we can do and achieve anything we put our minds to. We imagine that we can fly after watching a Superman film!

But as we start to go to school, college, etc… The education system kind of changes us. We are not the same person anymore.

You become more doubtful of your abilities and what you can do. You have more fear inside you. And this stops most people from going after their dreams and goals.

Can you imagine a baby who is learning to walk, keeps falling down? They are going to fall down. That is the truth. But imagine a baby trying to walk, falls down a few times, and thinks “This is too hard, I give up!” do you think a baby would ever do this? No, because they have no fear inside them.

As people grow up, they start listening to other people, and that’s how the fear factor kicks in. For example, if a friend says “If you do that, you are going to fail, you will look silly and people will laugh at you”

Many people will not take action because of what your friend said.

Remember this, this is your life, your journey. Believe in yourself and have faith in yourself that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

How to create a vision board?

Creating a vision board is very simple.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is my dream home? How many bedrooms? How big is the garden?
  • What is your dream car? Make and Model?
  • What is your dream holiday? Dubai, India, USA?
  • What is your dream income? (£3,000 per month? £5,000 per month? £10,000 per month?)
  • How much money would you like in the bank? £100,000, £250,000, £500,000 or £1 million plus…?
  • Who would you help if money was no issue?

Here is one of my vision board:

Sorry about the image. I have this laminated and have this on the wall in my bedroom next to my TV.

One way to create your vision board is to search for images on Google, print them out, and stick them on your wall. Somewhere you can see it every day.

I have these same images and others on my smartphone. You can create a folder, and save images of your vision board on your smartphone.

Your vision board is personal to you, do not share it with others if they are not going to support you. This is highly important!

Even if your dream is to start a business. Feel your business being successful. Feel your business making a profit and helping lots of people.

You have to feel successful in order to be successful.

Another way to create a vision board is to write down an impossible list.

What is the impossible list? This list is where you will write down up to 10 things you want to achieve within a certain time frame. (5-year goal)

Impossible list example:

By (DATE) October (5 years from today) I Will Have:

  • £500,000 cash in the bank
  • A 5 bedroom home with a swimming pool worth £800,000 paid in cash
  • A Black Range Rover Sports worth £50,000
  • A Black Bentley GT Continental worth £100,000
  • A laptop business making £10,000 per month
  • A gardener (I hate gardening)

This is an example of the impossible list. Your wish list.

Your wish list, you can add anything you want.

The reason why I call this the impossible list is that when you are working for someone for 40 years, even then you would never achieve your wish list.

Now, when you create your vision board, and you read it out every day and you look at your dream life photos, you will start to feel positive inside. What happens is, you will start to meet new different people in your life who will offer some kind of opportunity to you. Now, these are the doors where you need to take action and act in order to make your vision board come true.

Let me give you an example here:

I have a dream in writing that I earn £5,000 per month from my laptop business etc…

Now, via social media or in person, I will meet a person who will share an opportunity with me, now, of course, you have to do your own research about the company, etc… That goes without saying.

But do you see how powerful this is? You attract opportunities for your life. And when you take action and learn and work hard, you will meet success. Hard work always meets success.

Then you can start to tick off your goals one by one.

Have a go and create your vision board by either:

  • Photos from Google or
  • Write out a list

Focus on your vision board as you have already achieved it.

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20 thoughts on “How To Create A Vision Board”

  1. I loved reading this post as I’m a true believer in visualisation. I like the idea of creating a vision board with images from Google. I know the exact make, model and colour of the car I’m buying, also other things such as new kitchen and boiler. I’m already like a woman on a mission to achieve these goals and I’m sure a vision board will keep me focused! Thanks for sharing:)

    • Thanks for your comment, Kathy.
      Visualization is very powerful to the very detail as you mentioned, color, model, etc…
      Do you save your vision board on your phone or on your wall?


  2. This is a very inspiring article. Reminds me that at the core of of everything we do, whether for good or bad, begins in our imagination and how we think. I like the idea of a vision board in order to remain focused on our goals as well…I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard a lot of success stories about it…..thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Dan, thanks for your comment. Glad you found this short blog post inspiring.
      The Vision board is very important. Shame that many people still do not do this.
      Dan, try it. Create your own vision board, it’s like going shopping…


  3. You say “don’t share your vision board with others”. This is interesting because just today
    I was listening to Abraham/Esther Hicks and she was saying the exact same thing. So often
    when we talk to others about positive aspects of our lives, they have a tendency to crush
    our dreams.
    It’s as easy to manifest a matchbox as it is a castle. All we have to do it believe we can.

    • Hey Teresa,

      Very important, who you share your dreams/goals with. Many people don’t see things the way we do.
      I have found that sharing goals with likeminded people is very inspiring as they will motivate you.
      People with small vision will simply just laugh!


  4. Hi Chigs
    A great idea and something I got out of the habit of creating. I know this is an excuse and a cheap one to fall back on but my wife would clean up and either throw out or relegate to the basement any kind of vision board I might be inclined to make before the ink was dry. I could always keep in virtually so that it pops up on my screensaver. Or maybe better just scan it and make lots of copies.
    Thanks for the inspiration
    Best regards
    PS. THe pedant in my can’t help but comment that I think $10k a month might be a little light to maintain that 5 bedrooms house and pool and run those cars and pay the gardener etc, so you might want to up that a bit.

    • Hey Andy, thanks for kind comment.
      I tend to keep my goals on my laptop. my bedroom wall and most importantly… My smartphone as I am on it most of the day.

  5. I share similar dreams to you Chigs, except mine home is a big country home living off the land somewhere exotic. What you write about here reminds me of the 10 x theory. It is about setting goals and working towards them to the power of 10. That way you are guarantee to succeed. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey Catherine, thanks for your comment. You can increase the numbers to any number you want to suit you.
      Get creating your vision board 🙂

  6. I love vision boards and I have created a few of them myself in the past too. Tell you what, most of those goals on my vision boards have come true. It’s the visualisation and believing that they can come true.
    I like your ambitious vision board. I think I need to make another one for the second half of the year.

    Thank you for this amazing sharing.

    Best wishes

    • Hey Habib, thanks for stopping by. To be honest, I first learnt about creating an vision board when I was watching a training DVD by a man named Andrew Reynolds, from the UK. He held a 3-day seminar and its there where he talks about vision board and how powerful it can be.
      Yes, create another vision board, my friend 🙂

  7. Hi Chigs a vision board is a great idea couple with the discipline to spend at least 15 minutes daily taking time to press the visions into your sub conscious mind.
    Like your post, full of good ideas and will help you on your pathway to success

    • Hey Trevor, many thanks for stopping by and thank you for your kind words.

  8. Hello,

    How To Create A Vision Board is a fantastic method to stay focused and motivated on your goals, I have heard of this in the past and I was wondering do you know of any online websites that might provide an online vision board? That would really be useful and valuable for many of us if they exist, so I thought I would just ask you about this.


    • Hey Jeff, many thanks for your kind comment. I do not know of an online vision board site. I tend to use my smartphone and save photos by creating a folder.


  9. What a nice post you wrote ! I really enjoyed reading it and could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post. Actually I was looking for information about the creating a vision board and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details and it was exactly what I wanted to know.

    I’m happy that you’ve decided to write about this topic and share it with others. It’s very useful post in my opinion and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested to know about this topic.

    I will definitely come back to your site again to read more posts. Keep up quality articles! 🙂


    • Hey Ali, many thanks for your kind comment.
      Please do create your own vision board 🙂


    • Thank you for your response. Glad you found this article useful.


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