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So, as many of you may know, the last couple of weeks were hell for me.

Nothing worst than feeling very unwell (weak and faint-like feeling) when you are home alone! This is exactly what happened to me very recently, and it scared the hell out of me as I was home alone.

I managed to ring 999 and get the paramedics out, they came around 30 minutes later. Checked me out and everything was ok… I needed to drink MORE water as since being unwell, I was not drinking any water at all. Always a lesson learned!

During this time of not being well, I kind of withdrew myself from everything, I lost total interest in my passion for Affiliate Marketing. So for nearly two weeks, it was no online work at all. Just rest and spend time with your family.

However, I am better now, and ready to get back to work, which is creating some direct mail campaigns for a book that I am sharing.

This book is for anyone interested in Affiliate Marketing and is written by my friend and mentor Dean Holland.

This guy is totally amazing, can you imagine being in debt of £60,000+ most of us would simply take a loan out and pay the big debt off and get a job to pay off the loan. By doing this, you would put aside your dreams, then your dream would just remain a dream,

However, Dean took action, and to cut a long story short, Dean is a Millionaire through Affiliate Marketing, and what he has achieved just shows that anyone who can follow simple steps can achieve what you want to achieve.

You see we all have different dreams, goals, and aspirations. For some, this may mean earning £10,000 per month online and traveling the world, and for some, it may mean earning £3,000 per month and spending time with family.

Whatever your goals are, through Affiliate Marketing, they can be achieved. But this is not a get-rich-quick-shit type of business. This is a really serious business and you are going to need to learn a few things.

Dean is willing to show you and guide you every step of the way. If you are serious of course!

Also in the working world, as you may know, I work in my local primary school as part of the premises team. And since school has started it has been crazy. This Covid has really messed up the way we live our daily lives. I believe wearing a mask is the new “norm” now, and this covid is going nowhere… Yet!

I am very sorry, for not updating my blog as I did mention that I will be updating it often. One of my main goals moving forward is to update this blog at least once a week with what I am doing. Now please don’t assume that this blog is all about Affiliate Marketing and Information Publishing, I will also be sharing with you “stuff” in my general life too. I hope you don’t mind!!!!!

Thanks for reading.

Feel Free To Share

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