Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Quick Success Guide

So you are interested in earning an income from home? But not sure where to start or what to do? Don’t worry this post will explain everything especially if you are interested in Affiliate Marketing. 

I am sure you must have of heard of the term “Affiliate Marketing”? This in simple terms is where you promote other people/companies products/services for a commission. Do not confuse yourself with Network Marketing (MLM) this is not that at all.

Affiliate Marketing for beginners is very easy as you do not need to have any experience at all, which makes Affiliate Marketing very attractive. You just need to learn and implement a few simple things to be successful.

How Exactly Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The basic term for Affiliate Marketing for beginners is where you promote other people’s / companies’ products/services where you earn a commission when a customer buys the product or service via your affiliate link.

So what is an Affiliate Link?

An Affiliate link is a simple code which is linked to you so the company knows that you referred that sale and they can pay you.
Here is an example of what a Affiliate link looks like:

Now here you can see, I have put ‘cg12345’ this is a example of a Affiliate link. This is generated by the company you promote. Sometimes you can choose your own affiliate link in terms of a user-name, in this case as an example:

Here the ‘myusername’ is the affiliate code.

Affiliate marketing involves three main parties; the customer, the affiliate Marketer, and the merchant (owner).

The merchant (owner)

Merchant is also called ‘seller’, ‘vendor’
They are the owner(s) of the product or services which you promote.

The Affiliate Marketer

The Affiliate Marketer is responsible for the promotions of merchant’s product or services on offer.

Some affiliate links look really long like this:

Can you imagine sharing this link to your friends and network? Or telling someone your link!!!

The most easiest way around this is to buy a domain name.

All you do is set it so it points to

So now when someone types in this will go to

Easy huh… Of course it is!

The Customer

The customer is the person who buys from your affiliate link. This person is known as the customer.
Remember, without a sale, no commission is earned.

As a promoter / Affiliate Marketer, your aim is to promote your affiliate link. Now this can be done in a few ways.

You can share your link via social media, search engines and even via direct mail.

A lot of people get Affiliate Marketing wrong. They go about it the wrong way. What most people do is send people directly to their affiliate link that’s it! This is totally wrong.

There is a smarter way to do Affiliate Marketing, which is to build your own email list. Your biggest asset is your email list. You will need some basic business tools.

Remember Affiliate Marketing is serious business when you treat it like a business, this goes for any business.

Okay, you will need few basic tools, which will cost some money (remember this a business)

  • Domain name
  • Website hosting
  • Autoresponder

These are the minimum basic tools you need.

These companies are my highest recommendation and I personally use these myself:

Domain name:


Website Hosting:









If you are interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing then I recommend this book called “The Iceberg Effect” written by Dean Holland, from the UK. This book is all about Affiliate Marketing. This book shares Dean’s journey with Affiliate Marketing, and shows you how you can get started in Affiliate Marketing cutting out all the headaches!

The foreword of this book is written by Russell Brunson, who co-owns ClickFunnels.

Within this book here is a small list of the chapters:

  • Success Starts Within
  • Finding Your Why
  • The Four Core Areas of Focus
  • The Perfect Path To 7 Figures
  • The Iceberg Effect
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • The Ultimate Funnel

These are some of the chapters in the book. PLUS there are some amazing bonuses too. This is an actual book that is posted to your home address globally.

This book is highly recommended to read. So if you are a beginner into Affiliate Marketing and you are looking for success then this is the book you need to read my friend.


If you need any help please do email me and I will do my best reply back asap.


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