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Are You Interested In Affiliate Marketing or Are Doing Affiliate Marketing?

Then you have to read this page!

A Brand New Book, not some ebook, but a actual book has been launched called “The Iceberg Effect”

Now this book is for those who are interested in doing Affiliate Marketing as well as those who are already doing Affiliate Marketing.

This amazing book is written by UK Millionaire Affiliate Marketer Dean Holland. You may even know him. I am proud to say that Dean is my friend as well as my mentor.

So what is this book all about?

This book “The Iceberg effect” is about the untold secrets about Affiliate Marketing Success.

This book foreword is written by Russell Brunson, you know that bloke who is co-founder of Clickfunnels.

Now I am not sure if you know who Dean is. Dean is from the UK just like myself, funny as Dean is only 30 miles away from me.

Few years ago in fact just over 10 years ago, Dean was in SERIOUS DEBT, now if you owe money on your credit cards, you know the feeling, that feeling is not nice at all especially when the statement drops through your letter each month and you have pay up.

If you are in this boat then I am sure you know how this feels.

By joining this biz opp, that biz opp etc… Dean came across Affiliate Marketing. He met his mentor in a London Hotel. And to cut a long story short, within 6-8 months after that meeting he went, Dean quit is job which was in the construction industry.

Having seen and experienced how Affiliate Marketing works… Dean has now written a book about The Iceberg Effect, the untold secret of Affiliate Marketing Success.

This is not a shitty ebook. This is a book which is delivered to your home address anywhere in the world.

What will you learn within this book?

Inside Your Free Copy Of The Iceberg Effect You’ll Discover How Affiliate Marketing ACTUALLY Works Today…
(SPOILER ALERT: It’s NOT How You’ve Been Told!)
  • “3 Men & The Great Theft!” – The shocking incident that closed my first business [page 7]
  • “The Success Stopping Mistake” …Most struggling affiliates make this big error starting out… What about you? [page 10]
  • “The 6 Words That Changed My Life” – Discover how 6 simple words took me from near-bankrupt to quitting my day job just 9 months later… Learn what they are and why they worked [page 16]
  • ​”G____ vs F____” – Which Are You And Why It Matters” – Get this wrong and it could mean years of failure! [page 22]
  • “The ONE THING Others Daren’t Tell You” – There’s something you need to know about (that you’re doing right now!) that others fear speaking about… Yet without it most people never realize their goals [page 38]
  • ​”The ‘Multi-Q’ Process” – If you’re wanting to make a full time living online as an affiliate marketer here’s a process you must go through before you even touch a keyboard [page 41]
  • ​”The Revenue Calculator” – Use this highly effective exercise to create your personalised business blueprint and know EXACTLY what you need to do online [page 54]
  • “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” – I can’t say any more on this page… Do NOT skip this step!!!!! [page 59]
  • ​​”The 4 Core Areas Of Focus” – If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, like there’s so much to learn and too much to do… STOP! It’s time to make succeeding much simpler! There’s just FOUR (yes, 4!) things you must focus on doing each day to grow your business profitably online [page 65] 
  • ​​”Undercover Detective Operation” – Want to get more done in 1 hour than most do in 6? You’re gonna LOVE this… and it’s so easy! [page 67]
  • “The Only 3 Types Of Traffic” – Discover what they are, how they work and why you should use each… PLUS: Get your hands on the ONE type of traffic that all others should point to!! [page 70]
  • “How To Control Traffic And Send It Anywhere On Demand” – Never struggle to get people clicking your links ever again! [page 71]
  • “3 Must-Have Assets” – There’s ONE THING that every successful affiliate must have… And you’ll need these 3 assets to get it [page 75]
  • ​​“The Bribe And The Bridge” – Discover the lethal tactic of super affiliates to promote any offer online with ease whilst creating trust even if no one knows who you are yet [page 79]
  • “The Curious Cliffhanger Method” – Use this simple tactic in your affiliate emails to get increased open rates, engagement and sales [page 83]
  • SWIPE!! 7 Day Automated Follow-Up Template” – YES! You can swipe and deploy this 7 day sequence template and implement immediately even if you’ve never written an email in your life! [page 84]
  • ​​“Core 4 SS” – THIS right here is THE KEY to revenue [page 87]
  • “The DEATH Of Traditional Affiliate Marketing” – SHOCKING REVELATION THE GURUS DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW… If you’ve ever wondered why you’re not seeing the results you’d like as an affiliate prepare for a shock [page 92]
  • ​​”THE BIG TRAFFIC LIE!!!” – I saw it coming a few years ago and couldn’t believe nobody was talking about it… If you want a lot of traffic it’s critical you understand what’s really happening here [page 94]
  • “The Perfect Path To 7 Figures” – No one goes from zero to millionaire… But I did it in 3 phases and now I’m revealing all for you to follow [page 97]
  • ​​​“No Products, No List, No Experience?” – No Problem!! Discover how to become a pro-level “connector” and build a profitable business from scratch even if no one’s ever heard of you…PERFECT FOR NEWBIES! [page 99]
You’re Getting All That In The First 99 Pages!
And Yes! There’s More…
  • ​​​”The First Million Dollars” – Discover the second phase of the business plan I used to make my first 7 figures online [page 100]
  • ​”Ultimate Freedom Phase” – How to run a 7 figure business in 1 – 3 hours a day [page 102]
  • ​​​“The Iceberg Effect Gets Discovered” – It happened without even realizing it… It’s NOT what you’re expecting! [page 106]
  • “The $6,000 Phone Call” – I couldn’t believe this… but what happened after, turned me into a multi-million dollar generating business [page 107]
  • “Confusion Killer!” – What if I told you there’s only 3 ways to grow your business… Not 30, not 300… JUST 3, discover them now [page 110]
  • ​​​​”Getting Clear On The Big Picture” – There’s 2 areas to a business (F & B) that you must have and benefit from, You MUST not try with just one! [page 113]
  • ​​​​”Do You Know These 2 Types Of Sales?” – Most affiliates have 1 of the 2… But it’s the second type that you REALLY want – All is revealed on [page 120]
  • “How An International Flight Can Create Wealth As An Affiliate” – I hope you’re ready to hear THIS! [page 121]
  • “The Simple 4 Letter Word That Made Me Rich” – This right here is the most powerful word in marketing online, now it’s yours! [page 129]
  • ​​​​​”The CHEESE Incident That Changed Our Results Forever” – Sounds odd doesn’t it, but what if I told you some stinky cheese transformed my business forever and made it REALLY EASY to get sales… Want to know how to use it for yourself?  Now you can [page 131]
  • “The ULTIMATE FUNNEL” – In 2018 Russell Brunson told the world I’d built something that everyone should have online… A system that gets customers in REALLY easy and REALLY cheap… Now I’m dissecting the entire Ultimate Funnel strategy for you to use as an affiliate online [page 138]
  • ​​​​​”The 5 Stages Of Affiliate Success” – STOP EVERYTHING AND READ THIS… If you EVER want to grow a profitable business as an affiliate you MUST have all 5 of these, not 3, not 4… ALL FIVE! (Most struggling affiliates know about 3 of these, maybe 4 at best… but without #5 you’re in trouble! [page 141]
  • ​​​​​“How I’m Able To Get Paid 4 Figures Without Speaking To People” – This is one of my biggest (and most profitable) business secrets [page 152]
  • ​​​​​​”This 1 Word Is EVERYTHING – If you focus your efforts on achieving this ONE THING it stacks the odds of success massively in your favor [page 161]

PLUS on top you are getting:

The Iceberg Effect Audio Book
The complete audio book is read by Dean himself so you’ll be able to listen along on your phone, in the car or anywhere else you choose! Perfect for those that prefer to sit and listen to their books, rather than reading…

The Iceberg Effect Masterclass
As a special bonus for readers of The Iceberg Effect, Dean also agreed to create a brand new online Masterclass that extracts the key insights of the book.
The unreleased Masterclass is strictly for customers only and shares intimate details of his entire 8 figure business model…
There is also a 3rd which I don’t want to spoil it.
All this for only $7.96 (shipping) That’s it


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7 thoughts on “Iceberg Effect Book”

  1. A ‘real book ‘ WOW! that’s different, have been looking for an opportunity in affiliate marketing, I may just have found it… Cheers!

  2. Hey chigs I just got a copy of the book and it’s amazing like you said thanks for the great tips. Loving your posts keep up the great work looking forward to the next one

    • I like audios too but with certain books I love a book. Not keen on ebboks at all.

  3. At last, an ACTUAL book – so much easier to scribble notes in the margin, and show people interesting bits which is just not the same with an eBook. Well done to Dean Holland for making this available to everyone who has any interest in affiliate marketing. Both my sons work in IT and I plan to give them a copy each 🙂


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