Happy New Year 2020

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So, here it is then, the last final day of 2019.

Boy has 2019 flown by.  There is one thing which is very true, and that is, you never get time back, we all have 24 hours a time and it’s what you do within that time counts.

Now you can waste time on Netflix, video games (Xbox, Play Station etc) it is your choice.

Or you can plan out.

For example, you may work in the day time, operate a part time business etc…

Here is what I would do

After you finish work, spend couple of hours working on your business, even on weekends. And spend 2 hours watching Netflix on the weekend evenings.

So you may thinking, what has this got to do with the last day of 2019.

It is some advice which you could apply for 2020.

Here is  what I am going to do and you can do this to, if you have not yet done or been doing this.

  • Make a daily list of things to get done. (Business wise)
  • Create your dream life (go to google images)
  • Go to Rightmove (home for sale app in your country) And search your dream home
  • Create your vision board.

Now then, make a list of things to get done (Business wise)

You simply make a list of work which you need to get done. Not about turning on your laptop and going on Facebook or checking your emails. I mean REAL WORK which will help you move forwards within your business.

Create your dream life.

What I do here is easy, go to google.com and type in what I want to have in the future, for example, could be a Bentley GT so I would simply type in google “Bentley GT images” and save the photo. I do all this on my smartphone. So I create a folder on my gallery and have it named “dream life” and save all your dream photos in that gallery.

Rightmove.co.uk Dream home

I am from the UK, so when it comes to house hunting, one of the main website is www.RightMove.co.uk

What I do is, I search for my dream home.

I want a 5 bedroom home worth £1,000,000 and I search and go through all the properties that come up.
Do the same as the above, create a folder within your gallery and name it “dream homes”

If you are not in the UK then you can always do this within your country’s home for sale site etc…

Create your vision board

You have to create a vision board.

Same as all the above, but what I do is, I print it out and stick on my wall.

So now I not only have it on my smartphone, I also have on my wall where I can see it every single day.

If you have not ever tried this, go on give this a try in the new year.

Lastly I would like to say “HAPPY NEW YEAR” and let’s make 2020 to remember.

All the best


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