My name is Chigs (short for Chirag) I am from the UK.

I am married with two lovely children (in their teens)

I am a part-time Affiliate Marketer, an industry that I totally love. I have been in Affiliate Marketing for 2 years now so I am still learning. I am not your rag to riches overnight hyped up story person.


We all have something interesting to share, so have I. In my school-days, I kind of fell with the “wrong crowd” my dad used to tell me, “your friends are no good” etc… Anyway leaving school, I found myself doing things which I was not meant to and wasted 3 – 4 years of my life. Entered the working world thinking I will get rich, yeah right!!!

Found my way into Network Marketing, you know, where you go to a “Business Opportunity” meeting and that feeling when you first see those 5 circles… I was buzzing, thinking I will be earning £10,000 per month within months!!!

FAT CHANCES of that happening. I started losing friends… I needed a way to create an extra income while still having my day job. My search went on for years… Not giving at all…

(My working background is in the Security Industry. Currently, I am working at my local primary school as a Premises Officer)

Then I was exposed to Information Publishing (where you buy resell rights and resell them) I loved this idea because it was easy, and I like things that are easy.

I still do Info Publishing today. Through that, I found out about Affiliate Marketing. I have a great passion for Affiliate Marketing and Info Publishing. Both are operated on a part-time basis.

Part-time operation, as I work in my local school as mentioned above. So I fit everything else around my work time.
You see, you might hear “gurus,” say quit your job, etc… Get into business full time etc… I believe why to leave work when you enjoy it. Why leave that steady monthly income, you set things up and work around your work time.


I have decided to write down my journey via this blog site after following the sound advice of one of my mentors.

I will share with you what I have done in the past, my successes, and my failures. One thing I promise there will be NO HYPE AT ALL, NO GET RICH QUICK CRAP.


I deeply believe that every one of us can be successful if we put our mind to doing what we love.

If you ever need advice or have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Facebook or Instagram

All the best,

Chigs B. Gohel

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